Blendedd – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blendedd ?

Blendedd is a peer-to-peer rental and service company.

Why should I use Blendedd ?

Blendedd helps you save money, earn money, and help save the planet. The more we use items over and over again, the less garbage winds up in our landfills and incineration plants. We can save production and energy costs, and reduce the negative impacts on the environment. Blendedd's secure payment process avoids the uncertainty of cash transactions. Blendedd's feedback feature builds trust and validates positive experiences.

Why the name Blendedd ?

In this world, we are all part of the human race and are blendedd, but just most of us don't know it

Why the extra "d" at the end of Blendedd ?

Unfortunately Blended was already taken and almost all good/great names are taken also.

How does Blendedd work ?

On our home page, there is a link to a diagram that explains how Blendedd works. Blendedd is a platform/marketplace where people can list and rent items, provide and buy services. Both parties work out the details/logistic, such as if a security deposit and/or lease are needed. Blendedd provides a secure payment platform and helpful feedback feature.

Who founded Blendedd ?

Blendedd was founded by Edward Mei and Sameer Jain.

Where did the idea for Blendedd come from ?

One of the founders, Edward ,has been renting personal items for years. After seeing the rise of the sharing economy and companies, like Uber, Airbnb, Groupon, Task Rabbit, Angieslist, etc..
Edward and Sameer decided that the consumer just needs to go to one website and have their needs met. At this time, categories such as childcare, housing and rides are not available.

How do I sign up for Blendedd?

Please go to
You have the option to select either individual or business
All the red asterisk (*) field are mandatory. The fields are required by our payment provider, Braintreepayments.
Sorry a United States phone number is needed and email domains from the United States such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc...
Sorry if you are using Hotmail, please check your junk/spam folder always. Blendedd in the distance future will implement/use Mail Chimp to resolve the Hotmail issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Why am I not able to do a posting after I signed up?

If you get an error about your address, your address needs to be filled in completely with the number and street address.
Please check carefully your routing number and account number.
Sometimes account number needs zeros in front of the account number.
Using my Chase checking account number at the branch, I never had to write zero on a deposit/withdraw slip, but when I was setting the account on Blendedd, it was then I discover the account needed zeros.
Please check your banking statement (paper or online) and/or give your bank a call and mention you are entering your entire bank account information for online payments.
You can also check online about routing information for a particular banking company.
Sometimes the bank account verification process might take a little while to verified because it depends on our payment provider (Braintreepayments)
Sometimes you might need to log out and log back in for the changes to take
effect. Sorry for any inconveniences.

How much does it cost to join Blendedd ?

There is no charge to join Blendedd. A 10% service fee is simply deducted from each transaction.

How can I pay for rental items ?

When you register for Blendedd, store you card on our secure site. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card. Payment does not need to be done before reviewing any rental items. You can contact the other party with any questions. You can work out an inspection with the other party and then pay with your smart phone. (Blendedd's IOS app hopefully will be available soon). On the posting of each item, in the rate section is a dialog box with listed price that you can select to check out.

Who pays the 10% service fee ?

The owner of the rental item and/or provider of service offered pays the 10% service fee so price your item or service accordingly. Blendedd does not do cents. Please enter just whole dollar amounts.

What items can I list for rent ?

You may list anything that is not prohibited. (See our list here.)

What services can I list for sale ?

You may list anything that is not prohibited. (See our list here.)

Examples of Blendedd transactions:

Renting an item:

Someone posts a bike for rent at $10 a day. The person interested in renting out the bike works out the details/logistics on renting the bike with the owner of the bike. The person then pays the $10 through Blendedd. $9 is then deposit into the owner of the bike's bank account within 12 business days after the transaction is paid. Blendedd's fee is $1 and/or 10 percent of the transaction.

Buying a service:

Someone posts he is offering tutor for SAT studies for $50 an hour. The parent interested in the services works out the details/logistics for 2 hours of tutoring. If there is anyone under 18, please have an adult to be present if the tutoring is done in person. The person then pays the $100 through Blendedd. $90 is then deposit into the tutor's bank account within 12 business days after the transaction is paid. Blendedd's fee is $10 and/or 10 percent of the transaction.

Buying a service from a business (Restaurant):

A restaurant offers a $50 deal worth of food and drinks for $25. Someone buys 2 deals. The person then pays the $100 through Blendedd. $90 is then deposit into the restaurant's bank account within 12 business days after the transaction is paid. Blendedd's fee is $10 and/or 10 percent of the transaction. The person buying the deal is sent and invoice which he/she can print out or show with their smart phone to the restaurant. The restaurant is also sent a copy of the invoice.

When I sign up to do rentals and/or services, when do I get paid ?

Payment is deposit into your bank account within 12 business day after the transaction has been paid. When you register, fill out your bank account information or update your account tab to receive payments.

Why do you need my bank account information ? (Addressing concerns)

When a transaction is done, Blendedd needs to deposit 90 percent of that transaction into your bank account. It's just that simple.

Can I just use Paypal ? (Addressing concerns)

No Paypal does not do the payment requirements that Blendedd needs to do. Braintreepayments is also a subsidiary of PayPal.

What if the person does not return my rental item? (Addressing concerns)

I (Edward) truly believe that people are 85 percent good/descent overall.
There are easy ways to scam/defraud people than using Blendedd.
To pay for a rental, you have to sign up on Blendedd's registration page, which requiresyour real name, address and a valid credit card. Braintreepayments helps Blendedd check the identity/credentials of people signing up. People doing scams do not want to be identified. Blendedd knows this process might be a barrier to sign up but we rather have honest community/users than let people be anonymous. To make sure you are not dealing the other 15 percent, please do your due diligence, ask questions and the most important thing is to follow your feelings/gut.

What about sales tax ?

If sales tax needs to be charged and/or collected, the business providing the rental and/or service will charge and/or collect the sales tax.

Can I get a refund?

Any refund request must be submitted to within 2 business days after the transaction has been paid.

Is my information safe?

At Blendedd, we are always concerned with your information and security. Blendedd is hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS) and we benefit from their world class infrastructure and security.
Blendedd uses Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal, for its payment provider.

Do you have a mobile app?

Our IOS mobile app should be available soon.

What areas are Blendedd services available?

Blendedd plans are now just in the United States. Our business model is scalable and Global-minded.

Any questions ? Suggestions ?

Please email us at

Thank you very much for visiting our website.